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    Ian, CEO
    Raised on a small farm in the wilds of Mendocino County, CA, Ian Monroe graduated with BS and MS degrees in earth systems from Stanford University. He spent most of the last decade bouncing around the world on projects linked to clean energy, international development, and sustainable business, working with clients ranging from ginormous corporations and government agencies to NGOs and family farmer cooperatives. He finds joy in both big picture strategizing and the inner workings of spreadsheets and code. He's rather obsessed with the power of environmental life-cycle assessment (LCA), as well as edible mushroom hunting, and any/all pick-up sports. He also moonlights as a Visiting Scholar and Lecturer at Stanford, where he teaches classes on climate change decision-making and renewable energy technologies.
    Kirstin, CTO
    Born and raised in the beautiful Bay Area, Kirstin graduated from Stanford University with a BS in symbolic systems and an MA in music, science, and technology. She began her career doing machine learning research at Stanford's Center for the Study of Language and Information, writing code to help computer programs learn how to do things like solve math problems and navigate virtual cars down virtual roads. Moving into the startup world, she became one of the first software engineers at a streaming music service. She has earned a certificate in graphic design from UC Berkeley Extension and, totally unrelated, an artisan cheesemaking certificate.
    Ian, Designer
    Ian Umeda was born into a Japanese and Danish-American post-hippie family in Berkeley. He received his BA in documentary photography from UC Berkeley and MFA in photography, video, and related Media from the School of Visual Arts in New York. Ian has worked in web design and development for more than ten years for Artist As Citizen and the City Atlas arts and environmental organizations. While living in India, Ian also taught photography, fine art, and Photoshop courses at the Light and Life Academy Photo Institute in South India. When he's not designing, teaching, or photographing, Ian enjoys walking his cat, giving his chickens pep talks about laying more eggs, and watching his tomatoes ripen.
    Jeffrey, Software Architect
    Raised on a dairy farm in upstate NY, Jeff left for the big city (well, Pittsburgh) to earn degrees in electrical engineering and German from CMU. He began his software career in CMU Robotics, writing a C compiler for a six-jointed arm that later beat him at ping pong. Then came IBM mainframe channel extension (don't ask!), and a Star Trek-like five year mission to design the new Boston subway control system. But he just couldn't stay away from CMU. Working with the founder of the Language Technologies Institute, he embarked on a successful research career in computational linguistics, leading teams of researchers and developers to push the boundaries of NLP (while co-authoring six patents). He survived the tech bubble, helped sell a $6 million patent portfolio — and got much better at ping pong. These days he's rediscovering the entrepreneurial spirit he's had since publishing a comic book series in high school and doing independent projects with several startups. Working for Oroeco is another kind of rediscovery; like a return to the land after too many years away. Jeff wants to make the world a better place for his daughter, Mimi.
    Software Architect
    Kyoko, Mobile App Developer
    With over 20 years of experience in software development, Kyoko Ikemoto is a woman of many hats. She has served as developer, solutions architect, enterprise architect, business process architect, project manager and scrum master for organizations throughout the country and across the globe. Her work spans industry and size, from Fortune 500 financial institutions to technology companies and startups. Her development background includes web, mobile, database, integration, BI, and collaboration technologies. She values continuous improvement and enjoys learning new development languages, tools, and processes that contribute to happier software development and quality delivery. She has published mobile apps and is thrilled to contribute to Oroeco's mobile offering.
    Mobile App Developer
    Eric, Engineer
    Eric grew up on the coast in beautiful central Caifornia and later graduated from Stanford University in environmental engineering. After graduating, he remained in San Francisco where he realized the need to leverage information technology to achieve gains in material and energy efficiency was urgent and an area to which he could effectively apply his talent. He likes to spend his time nerding out on science magazines and learning web and mobile frameworks.
    Andrea, Marketing and Engagement
    Andrea Bertoli helps to spread awareness of personal climate impacts via social media, blogging, advertising and community outreach. She is a chef, educator, and writer based in Honolulu and regularly teaches workshops about vegan cooking, fermentation, and green lifestyle. She also works as the editor and writer for the wellness website Vibrant Wellness Journal and is one of the founders of the Sustainability Unconference.
    Marketing and Engagement
    Shimolee, Designer
    Shimolee is a Climate Action Fellow for the San Francisco Department of the Environment. Over the last couple of years, she has provided environmental consulting services to several Illinois Smart Grid startups. She has a masters in environmental management and sustainability. As the president of NetImpact IIT Chapter she has led several initiatives to improve student community engagement on sustainability issues. She has actively contributed to several nonprofits in Chicago, New York, and Mumbai in their fundraising, strategy and outreach activities.
    Gawan, Engineer
    Gawan is studying the ins and outs of software development at Stanford University and applying his full-stack attack to making Oroeco more collaborative, fun, and engaging. He's also the co-founder and president of Color My World, an organization that recycles crayons and engages youth in the importance of recycling. Check out his TEDx talk for more info.
    Rachel, Marketing
    Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Rachel is a recent graduate of the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa where she completed her BA in geography and minored in botany, history, and English. Rachel loves learning about the vibrant relationship between people and the environment, studying strange and beautiful plants and ecosystems, and anything that blends art, science and social change together. Rachel is excited to pursue a career in environmental sustainability, wherever that may lead, and is thrilled to promote Oroeco's vision of saving money and the planet simultaneously!
    Eric, Engineer
    Currently finishing a PhD in mathematics at Northwestern, Eric previously studied at Columbia. He is a 2014 University of Chicago Data Science for Social Good summer fellow. At Oroeco, Eric is applying his skills in data analysis and software engineering to the issues he cares about, including sustainability and environmental conservation. When he's not at the blackboard or keyboard, Eric enjoys running marathons, baking sourdough, and growing vegetables.
    Dav, Chief Scientist
    Dav does research on how people make decisions about climate change as a psychology PhD student at UC Berkeley, working with the Cognition and Action Laboratory and the Reasoning Research Group. Dav also sports an MSc in cognitive neuroscience from MIT, as well as degrees in math, computer science, and linguistics from the University of Maryland. He is an experienced web developer and is a partner at KeepOpen.com, a web publishing company, as well as an accomplished juggler (both literally and metaphorically). He's lending his expertise to help Oroeco build engaging apps that motivate real change.
    Chief Scientist
    Tobin, Artist-in-Residence
    A maestro of multiple media, Tobin's tremendous talents transcend painting, illustration, photography, and graphic design. Indigenous to Ukiah, CA ('haiku' spelled backwards), Tobin ventured to Vancouver for a BA in integrated media from the Emily Carr University of Art + Design, then returned to San Francisco for an MFA from the Academy of Art University. His claims to fame include surviving a hippie childhood, an extensive collection of high tech kitchen gadgetry, (somewhat) sustainable meat procurement (via his also extensive collection of guns), and beating cancer. He's convinced Oroeco will save the world (or at least will look pretty in the attempt).
    Eugene, Artist and Animator
    A Bay area native, raised in the heart of the Silicon Valley. He grew up with a passion for filmmaking and art, but ended up graduating from UCLA with a degree in Economics. Eugene spent 3 years working as a consultant with KPMG before moving on to pursue his passions. Since 2011 he has worked full time as an independent media professional. He creates films, animations and illustrations for organizations across the San Francisco, Bay Area. He especially loves working with organizations that bring a positive impact to the world.
    Artist and Animator
    Josh, Finance and Legalese
    Emerging from the coal mining heartland of Northeast Pennsylvania, Josh has focused much of his career on renewable energy finance and development. He has previously worked with the energy investment banking team at (canary in the global economic coal mine) Lehman Brothers, the renewable energy acquisition team at MAP Royalty, and has conducted financial and market-based consulting work for various organizations in places such as San Francisco, Mumbai, and Lesotho. Josh's passion for environmental stewardship stems from his love of playing in the mountains and wandering through deserts. In addition to his desk-bound experience, Josh has spent significant time leading wilderness therapy trips for at-risk youth. He holds BA and MA degrees in international policy studies from Stanford University and is in the process of obtaining his JD from Harvard Law School.
    Finance and Legalese