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    About Oroeco

    Climate change dragon

    What is Oroeco?

    Welcome to Oroeco, the world's first service that rewards you and all your friends for taking action to fight climate change! We make tracking your climate impacts easy by automatically putting a carbon value on everything you buy, what you eat, how you get around, and the energy you use at home. Then we add everything up, so you can see which decisions are bigger than others and how you compare with your neighbors, using scientific data from our partnership with UC Berkeley's CoolClimate research group.

    Oroeco gives you personalized tips for how you can save money along with the climate and we've partnered with an award-winning nonprofit, Impact Carbon, to eliminate your remaining climate footprint by helping provide clean cookstoves that save forests and lives in Africa. Best of all, we make everything fun and social, connecting with Facebook to compare, collaborate, and compete with your friends and family, and soon you'll be able to earn points, prizes and real-world deals for taking action.

    Oroeco's team of scientists, designers, and engineers is constantly adding new features, guided by a fabulous crew of partners and advisors. So keep checking back for what's new and send us your feedback on how we can make your Oroeco experience even better!

    Why Climate Change?

    Climate change dragon

    The vast majority of the world's top scientists agree: climate change is very real, caused by us humans, and potentially catastrophic for plants, animals, and people around the globe. Don't believe it? Then dive into the scientific details from the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the National Academy of Sciences, Skeptical Science, Nature, Science, and thousands of other publications from peer-reviewed scientific journals, governments, companies, nonprofits, journalists, and concerned citizens.

    What you'll find is ample evidence that a warming world is already causing worse extreme weather: floods, blizzards, droughts, wildfires, killer heat waves, and hurricanes; while rising and acidifying seas are swallowing coastal communities and decimating fisheries and coral reefs. All of this could lead to the extinction of more than half Earth's species, as well as push human civilizations towards food and water scarcity, famine, forced migrations, increased crime, war, and possible collapse. Unfortunately this isn't an apocalyptic scenario concocted by Hollywood; this is cold, hard, scientific reality, and we're not doing nearly enough to keep things from getting much worse.


    Ready for the good news? We're all part of the problem, so we can also all be part of the solution. The greenhouse gases that cause climate change all eventually trace back to how we spend our money, from the food we eat to the energy we use to power our homes and move around. Since climate change is so big, it's tempting to think it's someone else's problem. But companies won't clean up until we stop buying their products; politicians won't enact meaningful policies until we demand them; and most folks won't change their lifestyles until they see friends and neighbors do the same.

    We all have the power to push for climate stability, we just need to be willing to vote with our wallets and lifestyles and encourage all our friends to join us. We're building Oroeco to be a catalyst that makes this all happen. The majority of the world now sees climate change as the top threat to global security, so most of us already see the need to act now. So what are we waiting for? We think we just need the right information and incentives to take action, which starts with making our climate footprints visible and public, and ends with a virtuous cycle of improvement that scales personal actions into societal change. Are we rational optimists or crazy idealists? You tell us. Oroeco's ability to reverse our climate crisis depends on you and your friends. So share us with everyone you know and keep sending us feedback for how we can make your Oroeco experience as awesome as possible. We're not big on drama, but the fate of the world may literally depend on it.

    What's Next?

    At Oroeco, we think it should be easy, fun, and rewarding to align our everyday lives with our core values, whatever those values may be. We're working on climate change because the problem is so big and the urgency is so great, but we plan to soon let you track other environmental, societal, political, and personal health impact indicators: from biodiversity loss, to toxins in our air and water, to modern day slavery, living wages, and how your diet corresponds to risk for diabetes and cancer. For the big picture vision of what we'd like Oroeco to become, check out this spiffy animation.

    Why are we doing this? Beyond the big picture, we're building something we want to use in our own lives. We started as a group of friends, frustrated by the lack of information out there to help us sort out small improvements from big decisions. We didn't want to be activists or full-time volunteers for a cause, we just wanted to vote with our wallets and lifestyle choices. And we wanted to find fun ways to get our friends, family, policymakers, and companies to do the same.

    So with Oroeco we're creating a way to add everything up. Oroeco allows you to cut through marketing hype and dynamically track the impacts that you care about based on real data, get personalized suggestions for how you can do more good with less money, and engage in collaborative and constructive competition with friends, family, coworkers, and other communities around the globe.

    When you use Oroeco you not only help align your lifestyle with your values, you also encourage your friends and family to do the same. The more we all use Oroeco, the more our collective wallets encourage companies to demonstrate how they're guiding their business practices with our visions for a better tomorrow.

    In short, at Oroeco we're building you a dashboard for life. We think you have a right to know how your actions and your money intersect with your values, and we think you deserve to be rewarded for your efforts to make our world a better place. We may only get to elect our representatives once every few years, but we vote with our wallets and our lifestyles every day. Keep checking back for new features and we'd love to get your feedback on what you love, what you don't, and what you think we should add next!