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    Daniel Abbasi
    Executive Producer, Years of Living Dangerously
    Antonio Aguilera
    President, Social Enterprise Alliance
    Lukas Biewald
    Founder & CEO, CrowdFlower
    Leo Bonanni
    Founder & CEO, Sourcemap
    Bill Bradlee
    Affiliate Service Director, Interfaith Power & Light
    Bruce Cahan
    Visiting Scholar, Stanford University
    Thea Maria Carlson
    Farmer, Organizer, Educator, Activist
    Edward Castaño
    Mint.com Project Manager, Intuit
    Bernadette Cay
    Product Marketing, Google
    Sarah Jo Chadwick
    Manager, Precourt Energy Efficiency Center
    Arash Danaie
    Louis Eisenberg
    Software Engineer, Facebook
    Matt Evans
    Managing Director, Impact Carbon
    Blaire Fernandez
    Enterprise Program, GE
    Luis Fernandez
    Researcher, Carnegie Institute for Science
    Amberjae Freeman
    Social Investment Analyst
    Louise Fresco
    Author & Professor, University of Amsterdam
    Kate Gordon
    Vice President & Director, Next Generation
    Saul Griffith
    CEO, OtherLab
    Nikki Henderson
    Executive Director, People's Grocery
    Sridar Iyengar
    Partner, Bessemer Venture Partners
    Mike Jackson
    Principal, Westly Group
    Lionel Jingles
    Founder & CEO, Leftronic
    Chris Jones
    Lead Developer, CoolClimate Network
    Jon Jones
    Digital Strategist
    Matthew Keesan
    Engineering Director, Clearspring Technologies
    Julie Kennedy
    Associate Director, Earth Systems Program
    John Knox
    Executive Director, Earth Island Institute
    Michelle Lee
    Fellow, Code for America
    Ryan Levinson
    Founder & CEO, SunFunder
    Rob Levitsky
    Owner & Manager, Deadhouses
    David Lieb
    Co-Founder & CEO, Bump
    Alvin Lin
    China Climate & Energy Director, NRDC
    Masha Lisak
    Associate, Omidyar Network
    Angelina Liu
    Sustainable Ocean Shipping Professional
    Scott Loarie
    Co-Batcaver, iNaturalist
    Alex Loijos & Sahil Sahni
    Founders, LinkCycle
    Farmer, Organizer, Educator, Activist
    Amy Luers
    Climate Change Director, Skoll Global Threats Fund
    Mo Mandel
    Actor & Comedian
    Pamela Matson
    Dean, Stanford University School of Earth Sciences
    Horacio Melo
    Director, Start-Up Chile
    Rob Munro
    Chief Information Officer, Energy for Opportunity
    Maikhanh Nguyen
    Executive Director & Co-Founder, Connect the Dots
    Colm O'Riain
    Games for Change Guru
    Calla Rose Ostrander
    Climate Change Projects Manager, SF Environment
    Cynthia Phillips
    Founder, G Media Partners
    Daisy Pistey-Lyhne
    Program & Outreach Associate, CGBD
    G. Nagesh Rao
    IP-Law & Technology Commercialization Strategist
    Heather Richman
    Managing Partner, GreenLight Strategies
    Wendy Gordon Rockefeller
    Co-Founder, 3P Partners Inc
    Terry Root
    Professor, Stanford University Biology Department
    Shivani Savdharia
    Head Host, Hub SF
    Gia Schneider
    Co-Founder & CEO, Natel Energy
    Ryan Schuchard
    Climate & Energy Manager, BSR
    Brent Schulkin
    Founder, Carrotmob
    Jen Scott
    Sustainable Energy & Mining Team, World Bank
    Dongyoung Shin
    Energy & Climate Consultant, KPMG Korea
    Gianluca Signorelli
    VP of Renewable Energy Finance, Rabobank
    Gabe Smedresman
    Maker of Playful Technology
    Roxann Stafford
    CSR Consultant, FSG
    Matt Sturm
    Community Energy Manager, Pacific Gas & Electric
    Jim Sweeney
    Director, Precourt Energy Efficiency Center
    Erin Thomas
    Computer Science Teacher, Los Angeles Unified School District
    Susan Tu
    Program Manager, Pearson Foundation
    Jennifer Turliuk
    Marketer, Entrepreneur, Writer & DJ
    Sibley Verbeck
    Founder & Executive Chairman, The Electric Sheep Company
    Amy (Guy) Wagner
    Senior Consultant, Energy, Environment & Economics (E3)
    Emma Wendt
    Clean Energy Professional
    John Weyant
    Professor, Stanford University MS&E
    Jasmine Wong & Eric Tung
    Playlab / McKinsey & Company
    Michael Wu
    Advocacy Policy Director, Truman National Security Project
    Mia Yamauchi
    Outreach & Partnership Coordinator, CoolClimate Network
    Sunny Yang
    UI Designer
    Songqiao Yao
    Sustainable Development & Social Justice Enthusiast
    Steve Young
    Software Engineer, Facebook
    Dave Zohrob
    Venture Hacker, AngelList
    Manuela Zoninsein
    Founder/CEO, Smart Agriculture Analytics