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    Climate Gift

    Give the gift of clean air, a healthy climate, and opportunity!

    Around the world more than two billion people rely on wood and charcoal to cook their food, generally using little more than a few rocks and a pile of fuel. These traditional cooking methods are very inefficient, resulting in unhealthy smoke inside the homes, localized ecosystem destruction from deforestation, and climate change in the surrounding environment. About 1.3 million people – mostly women and children – die prematurely every year related to of indoor air pollution from traditional cooking. Gathering wood requires trillions of hours of work, and often exposes women and children to dangerous situations, while reducing the time that could be better spent on education, household industry, and with loved ones.

    Oroeco is excited to have teamed up with Impact Carbon to help solve these problems with clean cookstove technology in East Africa. This holiday season, we are working to spread health and happiness to families by funding clean cookstoves with carbon offset sales, which all Oroeco users can use to reduce their personal impacts on climate change while simultaneously improving livelihoods and local ecosystems. To learn more, login to Oroeco and visit oroeco.com/offset for more information.

    Here's how you can support this important work and give the gift of clean air and a healthy global climate to your own friends and family: Oroeco will match the first month for all users who subscribe to clean cookstove offsets from your gift. So we'll give your friends and family one month of FREE offsets, equal to whatever quantity of offsets are purchased for their first month. You don't even need to pay anything to give, just follow these steps:

    How to Give

    1. Send an email to gifts@oroeco.com with the NAME and EMAIL address for each person you'd like give the gift of one month of FREE carbon offsets that support clean cookstoves in East Africa. Make sure to also tell us who we should tell each gift recipient the gift is coming from, along with any special instructions about when you'd like the gift to be delivered (like if you want it to arrive on a holiday or their birthday, but please allow at least 24 hours). We'll even let you give this gift to yourself as our way of saying thanks.
    2. We'll send all your gift recipients a personalized email with information and instructions about how to redeem their gift. They'll need to create a FREE Oroeco account (if they don't have one already), then go to oroeco.com/offset to subscribe to the offsets.
    3. If you'd like to further personalize your gifts, and increase the chances that all your gifts are received and used, you can download this gift certificate to print and/or email to your loved ones at your leisure.

    That's it! Your gift is just an email away, you don't need to pay anything, and you're helping fund amazing work that's making a real difference.

    Thanks for supporting Oroeco, Impact Carbon and families throughout East Africa!